Battleground Wargames Show 2017, Stockton.

A Grand Day Out

Last Saturday me and the boy jetted off down the motorway the 40 miles or so to Stockton for Battleground 2017.

I'm pleased we did because it was a lovely show. Lots to see, do and buy.

We used all of our luck dice as we grabbed some superb bargains on the bring and buy and I enjoyed the chance to meet up with lots of friends and bloggers, .

We were pushed for time but managed to get around everything (except Colonel Bills which I forgot, doh).

I had wondered why the entry was free as we don't mind paying our way into a good event.(apparently it attracted a bigger footfall so that's good).

I wondered how/if it was affected by the Black Friday deals going on at the time on many of the online retailers. There weren't many sales on the stands at first glance but on deeper rummaging bargains could be found.

Bright, roomy and welcoming.

Scarborough Club Bolt Action participation, looked like Pegasus bridge to me. Waistcoat added for scale.

We hadn't time to play, as we had a tight schedule (DnD game back in Gateshead meant we had to be off early, would have fancied a go). "Up the Ox and Bucks!"

Lovely chance to meet fellow Blogger The Mad Tin hatter  at the event. What a nice bloke! he was holding the flank in this rather stunning 10mm ACW game by Old Guard Wargames club.

More ACW this time by Durham Wargames Group in 28mm.

My local club blowing all their annual terrain budget on one corner.  

These guys were amazing, really going the extra mile when my son showed an interest in the replica equipment.

"They don't like it up 'em Captain Mainwaring!"

The nice chap from the 68th  joined in and we learned a lot of new stuff. (who knew the Brown Bess of the light regiments actually had a rear sight? Oh you did? Now I feel silly.).

Lots of varied trade stands was a big plus.

This venue has lights that work, unlike a certain other local show.

More ACW, there were other periods on show I promise, - I just didn't get many snaps.

Jack spending all his money on the Warlord stand. When i asked if they would honour the various Black Friday deals on their website, the very friendly staff said it was no problem. I think it would have been nice/good business to have a sign advertising this I think. Santa Claus paid a big visit to this stand too when Jack wasn't looking.

We bought mountains of stuff but as much of it is squirrelled away for Santa's eyes only, I can only show you my star buy of the day. All of this 15mm Battlefront stuff , assembled and undercoated for 35 quid.  (usually 7 to 8 quid each). Yeah I know.

Online Information 5/5

 The website included a detailed list of traders well in advance and illustrated directions.

Atmosphere & Facilities 5/5

From the happy smiling staff giving a great first impression to the relaxed feel throughout, the show really has good vibe. Not too crowded but very busy; I think largely in part due to visitors having lots of room, good facilities and lots of things to see and choose from.).

Public Engagement 4/5

The re-enactors were excellent and the gamers we talked to were,on the whole, friendly and enthusiastic.

Display games 4/5

A large amount, varied scales and periods. Partcipation games available. I feel it just needs a crowd-grabbing participation game to attract the young 'uns.

Shopping 4/5

Lots of manufacturers and some stands even sold scales other than 28mm (getting too rare these days)....also a really great bring and buy Fleamarket! For me, Caliver Books were a big miss here and I was surprised localish guys Old Glory weren't there either - my wallet was pleased though!


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  2. Lovely pics, yours show it as people really see it, I should really invest in a good camera!

    1. Thanks Richard, its a new camera phone, might I recommend you upgrade your phone instead, pics can be backed up free to Google and makes linking much easier for your blogs.

  3. Impressive and beautiful post, seems to be a great event!

    1. Thanks Phil, it gets better year on year. i'll make sure not to arrange a game on the same day next year so we feel less rushed.

  4. Thanks for the report, good to hear you enjoyed the day and I've passed the compliment on to Jess who was working the front door for most of the day.

    On the traders you mention, Caliver started reducing the number of shows they do so they stopped coming after 2014 I think it was. Old Glory stopped after the 2015 show I'm afraid.

    1. Thanks for the comment (Dave H?), I think its their loss as it looked to me that the traders had a good day. I forgot to mention that I bought your new 15mm Russian MDF village, which looks great - already assembled and ready to paint.


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