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Auerstadt 1806 Napoleonic Over the Hills Game

Having finished my 1806 Morand Division we thought we would have a game based on Auerstadt in 1806. The premise being an encounter where my high quality troops would face waves of Prussian Hordes in a fight over the town of Hassenhausen.  Having played a few games of Over the Hills, we used the optional orders rules for the first time and they proved to raise the game to another level, giving us many more command decisions to make in what became a very fluid and vicious battle.

French Order of Battle (14bns, 3 cav regts, 4 batteries) 470 points, 151 fatigue Score Morands Division- Three Brigades of Infantry Friants Divison- One Brigade  Valianes cavalry Brigade- Three Chasseur a Cheval regiments
Prussian Order of battle (20bns, 13 cav regts, 11 batteries) 485 points, 140 fatigue score Von Winning's Division - Light Brigade and Three cavalry Brigades Von Alte Larisch's Division- Three Infantry Brigades and two Cavalry Brigades Von Muffling's Infantry Brigade.

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