Border Reivers Wargames Show Gateshead 2017

We got there at ten am and we were pleased to see a great turnout queueing at the door; A nice bonus was we knew most of the people in it from the local clubs! Staff on duty did a great job and the entry fee is more than reasonable.

And this is what hits you every year as you go in the door HORRIBLE YELLOW HALOGEN LIGHTING!

From here, I have colour corrected the images for you in an attempt to show you the show in a better light (boom).
Seriously though, the lighting makes it hard to see colours  - important when buying books, paints or trying to appreciate painted models. Otherwise the simple one room layout is laid out very well indeed.

Lots of traders! Full list here

Lots of room to move around and shop. Theres nowt smells worse than concentrated Wargamers.

..and a good amount of Wargames on show all with some lovely figures.

Flea market bring and buy starting to get underway in the background; definitely the best way to go for those interested in finding second hand bargains.

Sharpe Practice -  amazing terrain on show.

Whitby club enjoying some Bolt Action.

There seemed to be loads of punters too.

Battlefield Designs gaming on the lovely boards that are available for sale.

All in all I think it was a really good show indeed. It seems to be getting better every year. I couldn't see any re-enactors this year ( I seem to recall some WW1 types taking the time to engage and educate my son last year in all things WW1 which was great. I think it encourages the bringing of youngsters and other family members along.)

I failed to see any participation games, apologies if i am wrong on this, but they are vital for the same reasons as stated earlier about re-enactors.  (Edit i see that i failed to see the SESWC participation game of a local battle at Newburn-sorry!)

But they were minor niggles, it was a fab show and I'd recommend it to you all.

The spoils. This year I was skint as I am every year at this event because it follows closely on from holiday season. Nevertheless..

I still stocked up on supplies..some tufts from Gateshead Gaming, some Dark Tone from Warlord (never tried it yet). And a shed load of bases from Pendraken (to rebase more Napoleonic armies for Black powder).

My son got himself an Elefant for his new 28mm armies currently building for Battlegroup. he also got an Alien Queen which is an add-on for the AVP game that we enjoy. (with money secretly donated by his mum!). £25 for a skinny figure irked me somewhat despite Jack telling me it was a tenner cheaper than the other stall we looked at!

The only toys bought for myself was this limber team for my Brit Napoleonics from Colonel Bill's stall which I always try to buy something from as he is one of the few traders at North east shows selling 15mm. Everything seems to be 28mm but thats where the money is these days isn't it?

Then we had to leave as we had friends around after lunch for the latest installment of our DnD adventure Storm king's Thunder which we enjoy immensely.

We had a marathon 12 hour session (again) with our Barbarian enjoying his second ever game of DnD and doing really well.
Until the last room of the Dungeon when he stumbled and became food for not one but two Gelatinous Cubes!
A heroic end to a very fun day!


  1. Didn't realise you were in my neck of the woods Rubs!

    1. Ha! yes James it appears so! Next year allow me to buy you a cuppa and have a chat? i just read your review, and i see you bought those 15mm buildings off the Pendraken stall. I had a good look at them but was skint, do you plan to do a review? If not i'd love to see them painted up when you get round to them if you wouldn't mind ?

    2. They are in the queue to get done... I've a big game in the planning stages for our club meet at Northallerton in October, so want to have them done for that! I'll try to do something of a review once they are painted up.

    3. Cool! Ill look forward to it.

  2. I agree it was a decent show and picked up a few bargains


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