Worth buying? - A review of 15mm Roads produced by Fatfranks wargaming terrain

I was in the market for new 15mm and was all set to buy the Flames of War Roads set when i saw some on a blog where the guy had just finished adding the flock edging. I asked him how they were and he replied that they were ok but that they lacked flexibilty in what layouts were achievable and that next time he would use FatFranks. So that set a Hare running to find out about Fat Frank and his roads...


1. Ease of Buying  Score 3/5

Google is my friend so after checking FatFranks Blog and FatFranks Website , both of which seem to be little used and/or out of date I found FatFranks EBAY Shop which is all you need really.

The EBAY shop could benefit from being a little bit more organised but it seems he does terrain road, rivers and hedging in 6mm/10mm/ 15mm, 20mm and 28mm. What is very helpful is that sometimes on the EBAY page there are messages about him being away on the mainland (I figure he lives on a Scottish island) which you may consider if you need things urgently.

I liked the look of the 15mm dirt roads and bought myself a good selection.

2. Delivery and P+P  Score 5/5

P+P was free. They took six days to arrive which is much shorter than the expected delivery date that was stated, excellent! They were carefully packed in an appropriately sized box protected by bubble wrap and every piece carefully wrapped individually in tissue paper. Outstanding.

3. Aesthetics 5/5

They look the part, I was really impressed in the detail added in the grooves and ruts on the pieces.
The edge flock matches my gaming surface perfectly. Dry-brushing effect and colours used are perfect.

4. Durability 4.5/5

They are made from thick rubber and coated in what could be caulk or similar, edged in flock. Very durable. I wouldn't like to bend them too far to test elasticity though. More than tough enough to survive sensible Wargames handling.

5. Versatilty  5/5

I can see me using these for roads or paths in all of my 10mm, 15mm and 20mm games both WW2 and Napoleonic (or any period really). Able to drape over small hills ok but not large steps. Lots of junctions and straights, wiggle bits and a crossroads means I can build any layout I need.

20mm, 15mm, 10mm models, he does ranges specific for each but 15mm does all i'd say.

They wont sit flush on hills as they are quite flexible but not too much otherwise the crust would probably fracture.

6. Value 5/5

No worries here, a great product at a great price.

So are they worth buying? Definitely yes!


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    1. Thanks James, I'll be getting some of his rivers next for sure.

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    1. Thanks Stefan, I'll be using them on Saturday, so there'll be pics in the next Batrep.


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