Worth Buying? LED Daylight Lamp from Lidl

A couple of weeks ago, whilst shopping in Lidl (i'm in Uk)i came across a bargain LED daylight lamp. I believe its part of a monthly offer where they add varied items each month. So you may be able to get one if quick. If I had realised this I would have done the review earlier!

Star Trek Special Effects not included.

So is it Worth Buying?

Here is their Blurb...

Livarno Lux LED Daylight Lamp1


- Pleasant, eye-friendly light for crafts, reading or working
- Provides clearer colours and contrasts than conventional lamps
- With a flexible neck and switch-on base
- Max. height: 44cm

- 3 year warranty

Its an LED which is a change to my regular daylight bulbs.

Solidly built, good build quality with poseable head

No dimmer, just off or on.

Very powerful for the size.

I cannot fault the light quality on the target area, very bright and easy on the eyes with its daylight colour temp.

You usually  have to pay £35-£45 for similar items. Heres my old one that i got from Hobbycraft about ten years ago. The old daylight bulb has a definite yellow tint when compared to the new LED one. Its also nowhere near as bright. Sorry for crap photograph.

Good for Discos too.

Availabilty 2/5
Value for Money 5/5
Build Quality 5/5
Light Quality 5/5

So is it Worth Buying?  A resounding YES.

I just hope you can find one!

I also saw they had a mini compressor which got me thinking....


  1. I want the same one! Nice, very nice...

  2. Thank you very much for this desk led light review. I will buy two tomorrow.


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