Waterloo 2015 Part 1 The Allied Camp.

I just found my pictures and a few videos from the wonderful 200th Anniversary of the Battle of WATERLOO. I thought i'd post them because...why not?

Theres a lot so here is part one.

Still my favourite photo, very evocative.

Make way for the Kings' men!
Scots Greys (The re-enactors had American or Canadian accents I seem to remember?)

Brunswick hussars.


These Brunswickers impressed me with their drill.

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Waterloo 2015 Re-enacment. Brunswickers drill and test fire.

The various groups formed up to begin the long march to the other side of the battlefield for the evening refight.

Waterloo 2015 Re-enacment. Artillery file past.

Bavarians. Immaculate. Who cares that they weren't there originally?

Saxon Artillery? The more the merrier I guess!

A few Austrians to make up the numbers.

Mont St.Jean Farm.


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