Waterloo 2015 Part3 the Re-enactment

I just found my pictures from the wonderful 200th Anniversary of the Battle of WATERLOO. I thought i'd post them because...why not?

Theres a lot so here is the final part three.

Waterloo 2015 Re-enacment. Large fusilade.

Waterloo 2015 Re-enacment. Cavalryman falls from horse. Luckily only their pride is bruised!

The view here shows how the re-enactment was staged on an area roughly half of the battlefield, Im sitting roughly where Pictons Division was, with the fake La Haie sainte in front.

Over 40,000 spectators!

Bombardment first.

Then Skirmishing.

Then on come the French.

Massive fusilades. Very impressive.

Time for the cavalry.

Form square!

Then the smoke obliterates much of everything, very realistic!

One final French attack. Wouldn't have missed this for the world!


  1. Most impressive pictures, realistic smoke all around and a great event!


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