1806 Napoleonic French- Candidate for longest wait for any figures to be painted?

One Christmas, my lovely wife kindly (very kindly considering the cost of these premium figures) bought me a large army of AB Figures 15mm Napoleonic French figures for an army I wanted to build from Davout's Corps at Jena. Purchased from Fighting 15s

That was in 2008!

I finally motivated myself to begin painting them last month and a few weeks later here they are.

Heres the box - 8th December 2008 !

Slow going, having to relearn painting Napoleonics after so long. I didn't need glasses to paint back then!

A battalion at a time, the first of 8 x 28 figure units takes shape. Plus Artillery and staff.

Losing the will to live by now.

The Joys of basing!

Now time was pressing as I entered the final few days before the game on  the coming Saturday that had launched this quest when we arranged it.

The big day arrives and the troops are fielded in the nick of time, flock still damp!

Very happy with how they came out.

The AAR for this game is coming soon.

Pride of place in my collection. (A very, very small part of it- yes I have a problem!).

So I am pleased I finally got them done, I think the thought of it put me off until my interest in gaming and Napoleonics in particular was rekindled.

Inspiration for the project came from another present from my wife, the MAGNIFICENT
"Napoleons Finest: Marshal Louis Davout and His 3rd Corps" by Scott Bowden.

So what is your longest gap between purchase and table? I'd love to see them!


  1. Absoltly superb...and most impressive! Never too late, Vive l'Empereur!

  2. 9 years, Amateur ! I have some Friekorp 15s on the paint table at the moment from the early 90s. Sometimes you just need that spot of motivation to get stuff painted, most gamers find it easier to by figs than paint them.

  3. Hah :) I can never bring myself to sell anything, prefer instead to hang on in hope. im pleased I did them - and so is my wife after spending so much!

  4. Mate... you should see how much I have in boxes or started. Normally get too distracted by shiny new mini's! :-) Models look great.

  5. Nice! I say these were well worth the wait!
    Great job!

    Longest time between purchase and table? The clock is still running...

  6. A labour of love if I do say so myself. Cliched but true in this case. You've a great missus. And you've done her gift justice!


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