Bovington Tank Museum Visit 2017 part1- The Tank Story exhibit.

This year I was very lucky to be able to tailor our holiday to include a day at the Bovington Tank Museum. Oh boy! Here are some of the pics we took. My son jack added for scale! (he is 6 feet tall). I've added a mix of his shots and mine (the blurry ones are generally mine!).

I won't clog it up with jibber jabber, you probably know what they are!

First we decided to start at the beginning..The Tank Story exhibit.


To get there we had to skirt past this  which was nice as it was jack's favourite British Tank, the Centurion. 

Battle damage I presume.

A Dalek.

 Next up was the world war two section of the History of the Tank section (dont worry loads more where these came from later)

Bucket list, tick!

This old girl was used by the Jerries and had some form of Zimmerit caked all over the concrete reinforcement.

Was very happy to see this old valentine as I have some in the lead mountain to paint up so this is a nice reference.

You cant appreciate the front armour until you are up close and personal. 

Cromwell of the 1st Polish Armoured Div, the unit I have done for Battlegroup Normandy, I picked up the Black Devils book in a second hand bookshop in Shanklin whilst on holiday a few days earlier. Nice coincidence...oh and very nice book too!

Next we move into the Cold War / Vietnam / Modern exhibits to complete this first section.

Hubba hubba. 

The Challanger 2 no less! This monster looks so much better made than anything before it, should do for the price tag!

End of part one 


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