Bovington Tank Museum Visit 2017 part3 - WWII

In August 2017 we got to go to Bovington, here is part three of the photos. These ones are from the  HUUUGE World War 2 exhibit. A simply mind-blowing collection!

Again, apologies for my photography!

Not WW2 but the Tortoise would be recognisable to any World of Tank fans! What a beast. Silly but still a beast.

As seen in Bolt Action recently, a concrete pillbox on a truck.

An unusual Finnish Stug.

These Italian vehicles had a "weathered" look that was very impressive. If the other exhibits could be done like this Bovington would be even better. It may be that all the others seem painted rather than sprayed.

Note the flamethrower AND the MG

Hetzers gonna Hetz!

Chaffee Transmission

KV1 is huge, never realised how huge, but huge.

Uhm...Australians eh?

And thats it, only one more collection to go...any ideas which one?


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