Forager Napoleonic Skirmish Kickstarter

Well I hear on good authority (okay, the WSS pod cast) that this is going to be quite something. So I have dipped a big hairy toe into the murky world of Kickstarter.

Read about it on Kickstarter here

Read about it here in their facebook page or listen to the WSS podcast here

The idea of Napoleonic skirmish has always appealed but nothing has tickled my interest for too long, these rules seem to feature character personality(i.e.of the protagonists) approaching combat heavy roleplay which is something my son and I are looking for.

Ill keep you posted on its progress and review it when it lands, hopefully in December.

Do any of you know any skirmish combat roleplay WW2 games that focus on small groups and individual characters?

Update as of today 21st August it is fully funded, which is great news!


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